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The Qur’ān, the Mu’mins, the Ahl-e-Qitāb and The Kāfirs–II

“Law has its limitations, particularly in a country where its main corpus continues to be what alien regimes, Islamic and British, had devised for their own imperialist purposes.”


The ‘Morning Song of India’

In his composition ‘Jana Gana Mana’ Tagore employs the vision of Śri Kriṣña in the Mahabharata to conceptualise this ‘Ruler of the Destiny of Bhārata’, as the eternal charioteer sounding the conch shell to guide the course of this nation.

The God, the Prophet, and the Book

The Indian constitution today stands as a document representing a tyranny of ideas unleashed on a civilisation, which for thousands of years has been a playground of ideas and refused to be defined by a single idea, book or a thinker.
As seekers and rational thinkers, let our sole allegiance be to the truth and not to the leaders, spiritual or temporal, howsoever hallowed, neither any schools of thought, political, philosophical or spiritual, nor any books. We will outlast them all…

Sītā and Rāma – The Divine in the Connubial Paradigm

“Great literature rises above the closed semantics of parable. It nuances the themes and forces you to keep pondering. Discursive over-determination is not what sterling literature seeks to establish. The imponderables of life are examined, and truisms are put to test. Literature seeks to loosen up dogmas and hard-boiled notions about roles and set human responses while demonstrating the power and peril of the choices Man makes.”

The Question of Women in Combat

Women’s quest should not be to envy and emulate manliness, make men feel guilty about it and try to destroy it, but to cherish it and positively reinforce it. Modern concepts of emasculated men and masculinised women lead to loss of polarity and attraction. It is a dreadful compromise of both genders.

Declaration of Ceasefire in Kashmir During Ramzan and India’s Official Policy of Wilful Abdication of Sense

It is nothing but lunacy to try and win over Kashmiri Muslims (Muslims anywhere) given the prescribed practice of their faith. The lot the Union Home Ministry refers to as the “peace-loving people of Kashmir”, are a hostile, subversive, Islamised population barely kept in check by the terribly constrained security forces of India, the ones that are handicapped with concerns of Indian government’s misplaced humanity which facilitates terrorists with such utterly foolhardy gestures of magnanimity.

The Sabarimala Issue

This unrelenting invasive mode to eradicate native traditions and religious beliefs, disrupting the cultural complex which holds communities and a civilisation together, is an observable trait of Abrahamic doctrinal religions and ideologies like communism, which cannot exist except to the exclusion of others. Imposing their ideological framework and worldview is part of this insidious aggression, which tries to control the way we think and conduct our matters and ultimately obliterate our identity. The intense activism to push for admission of women to the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple is carried out by such forces who have no good intention in heart.